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Creativity and Compassion


CAW Creative Design's founder, Carrie Ann Wilson, is the dynamic force at the intersection of creativity and compassion! With over 25 years of graphic design mastery under her belt, she has seamlessly blended her artistic talents with genuine care and contagious enthusiasm.

Carrie started her first business in 1996, at the age of 21. As owner/operator of Affinity, Carrie provided graphic design and website development services to businesses throughout the United States for over 15 years. She then ventured into the heart-touching realm of senior living/dementia care, infusing warmth, empathy, and a dash of creativity into the lives of her grandparents and many other beloved elders.

Imagine the perfect blend of artistic finesse and compassionate care - that's the extraordinary journey Carrie has been on. From pixels to people, her narrative is a tapestry of innovation, boundless compassion, and creativity.

Carrie founded CAW Creative Design with a passionate purpose - to continuing helping others, specifically, new business owners. As CAW Creative's full-time owner/operator, she is deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, and firmly believes that high-quality marketing services should be accessible and affordable.

Carrie brings a unique blend of experience, compassion, and pixel-perfect expertise to every project. Get ready to join the journey - where design meets heartfelt support, and every project is a masterpiece in the making!





Recent Projects


MarikaEsthetique LLC
Digital Marketing

JTN Electric
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Beautiful Floral LLC

Michelle Pellin LLC
Digital Marketing


Lebanon Green Real Estate
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A D Caruso

Back To The Roots LLC
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Total DaleyCare


Clients Served Over the Last 25 Years


AD Caruso Ag Equipment Repair
Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
Ali's Adapted Book Corner
AVR Systems, Inc.
Back To The Roots LLC
Baron Leather
Beautiful Floral LLC
BUGCITY Auto Parts
City of New Britain
City Slickers Ranch
Center Chiropractic
CB Chelsey Realty
Connecticut TELSO
Contractors Direct
Country Flower Farms
CT Valley Manufacturing
Cultural Creations
Dan Contino, REALTOR
East Windsor Welding
Equipment Service Inc.
European Hair Design
Fabi of Rome
Flame The Horse
Freightliner of Hartford
Garden of Eat'n CSA
Graphite Die Mold
Honey Hill Farm
Interstate Service
J & L Comic Source
JAI Truck Sales Inc.
JTN Electric LLC
Kid Protection Network
KW Designs
Lash Out Diesel
Lebanon Green Real Estate
MarikaEsthetique LLC
Masons Direct
MCN Diesel
Metro Racing
Michelle Pellin LLC
Midstate Electronics
Morande Auto Group
Morande Auto Warranty Div.
Morgan Specialty Graphite
Naples Real Estate Today
Neil Roberts Uniforms
Neuro Solutions of Maine
New Britain Chamber of Commerce
New Britain Downtown District
New Britain Parks & Recreation
New Britain School System
Newtown Pizza
Page-Taft Real Estate
Parkside Off 5th
Paul Beckman & Associates
Power Controls, Inc.
Precision Remodeling & Design
Raymond's Storage & Logistics
Remax Alliance Real Estate
RJM Aviation
Scuba Classifieds
Shared Technologies Cellular
Showcase & Display International
Specialty Growers of CT
St. Andrews Society
Steve's Stump Grinding
Syn-Mar Products, Inc.
The Baby Catalog of America
The Baby Place
The Strong Agency
TNT Landscaping
Total DaleyCare




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